Twin Oaks Riding Academy

Northern Virginia


We exclusively offer hunt seat instruction. Our classes are small (average size: 4 -5). Lessons are 1 hour each. We offer group lessons only (no private or semi-private). We believe that riders enjoy sharing the learning process with their group. They not only learn from each others' mistakes, but encourage one another to excel! We do not accept students under 9 years of age for regular riding lessons. A Twin Oaks staff member will help you tack your horse prior to your lesson. We have a large well-lit outdoor arena as well as a new spacious indoor arena. We rarely cancel lessons due to weather.

Click here for Twin Oaks Lesson Policies and Procedures .


Please call Mackenzie to discuss options for you (703-459-8216). Availability varies depending on riding level and current class size. Once you have been matched with an appropriate class, you will need to fill out a lesson registration form .


Lessons are offered Monday through Friday during after school hours and on Saturday mornings. Your riding level will determine which times best suit you, so please contact us for schedule details.

Continuous Program

Twin Oaks operates a year round lesson program, like typical dance or piano lessons. All students ride once a week, but additional lessons are available. We believe that students who participate weekly make more progress than those who come intermittently. You will have a specific day and time for your one-hour class.


We require our students to wear an ASTM approved hard hat (helmet) at all times on the horse. We also have a selection of "loaner" hard hats that you can wear for your first few lessons until you can get your own. Furthermore, we recommend that you wear standard riding pants and paddock boots. Paddock boots are short, lace-up boots. As with helmets, we have extra paddock boots in our tack room that you can borrow until you purchase your own.

To purchase your own riding equipment, we recommend Dover Saddlery on Rt. 50. The Middleburg Tack Exchange sells new and used equipment at reasonable prices and is located in Middleburg, VA.

Dover and the Tack Exchange carry a full line of helmets, paddock boots and riding pants. Employees are happy to help fit you to an appropriate boot. Any kind of helmet is fine as long as it is ASTM approved and fits correctly and snug. We suggest an inexpensive pair of breeches, jodphurs, or schooling tights. Half-chaps are also nice, but not required. They wrap around your calf and give extra protection and support. We have a variety of helmets, boots, and half chaps available to borrow until a student acquires their own equipment.

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions!