Twin Oaks Riding Academy

Northern Virginia

Meet the Staff

Nancy Smith

Owner and Head Instructor

Nancy has been in the horse business for over 30 years. Her experience includes:

  • 10 years riding and showing in upstate New York
  • 2 years Equestrian Science study at William Woods University
  • 20 years riding instruction
  • 15 years owning and operating riding schools

Nancy's focus is developing capable, confident riders who have mastered the fundamentals of riding to provide a lifetime of safe, enjoyable and competitive riding.

Mackenzie Parks


Mackenzie learned to ride with Nancy and Twin Oaks growing up, and has continued her equestrian education with other reputable trainers in the northern Virginia area. Her experience includes:

  • 8+ years teaching experience with children, teenagers, and adults
  • Currently riding and showing in hunters and eventing
  • Certification and experience working with children on the autism spectrum
  • BS degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University

Mackenzie concentrates on teaching correct equitation and proper horsemanship to all her riders to create a well rounded equestrian education.

Our Equine Staff


I'm a chestnut Quarter Horse with squiggley lines going down my nose. I am 15.2 hands tall. I love to jump and I can also carry the Junior Riders. Nancy says I'm very versatile! I don't know what that means, but I know she loves me.


I am a chestnut Quarter horse and the newest horse to come to Twin Oaks. I am so glad Nancy found me because I was just hanging out in a pasture and now I have a great job! She taught me how to jump and it is my favorite thing to do. I love everyone to come by and see me! I especially love camp during the summer when I get lots of grooming and attention!


I am a chestnut pony who loves to eat! Nancy always has me on a diet, but she says I'm still too fat. I don't feel fat - everyone else says I'm cute! I work hard in my lessons and love to jump.


I'm Bailey and I'm new to Twin Oaks. I'm part Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred and I'm 7 years old. I've been a lesson horse before and liked it very much so Nancy thought I'd be a good match for her program. I love to jump and I love people to come by my stall and admire my pretty head and pet me. My color is bay and I have a cute white star on my forehead.


My name is Pumpkin. I am a 13 hand chestnut pony who just came to Twin Oaks in the Fall of 2010. My best friend is Bailey, the biggest horse in the barn. (I am the smallest!). I love my new job as a lesson pony and I love the riders to stop by my stall and say hi!


I am an Appaloosa pony who is ten years old and 13 hands tall. Check out my awesome color pattern, especially on my backside! I have been a lesson horse before and love kids - especially new beginners. I am very kind and take good care of whoever rides me. I can't wait to see all the campers this summer!


I'm Tango, the newest horse at Twin Oaks. I'm an Arabian and only 10 years old so my ears are always pricked as I check out my new surroundings. I love it here and love to jump! Please visit me in my stall-I love seeing all the kids. Nancy is working on helping me gain some weight-I am so lucky!


I'm the newest member of the Twin Oaks staff and so happy to be here! I am an older gentleman who is kind and wise. I love beginners and love attention. My stall is the first one you walk by and I will always be happy to have visitors. I am a Morgan and my color is black, except for the gray around my face. Nancy says it makes me look distinguished.

Horses no longer with us but not forgotten: